Your Cartier Creations FAQ

We invite you to:
- visit the Cartier boutique of your choice, taking care to bring the guarantee certificate for your product;
- or to contact an adviser at our Client Services Department on 1800 13 0000.
When you have entrusted your watch to us, our Cartier technicians will examine it, define the type of service that needs to be carried out and send you an estimate and completion date. The service will be undertaken once you have accepted the estimate, subject to availability of any parts required for the repair.

The water-resistance of your watch is ensured by a system of seals. These seals are constantly placed under pressure and subjected to natural wear and tear. Regular checks of your watch's water-resistance make it possible to determine whether it is still adequate, and to have the seals replaced if necessary.
In normal wearing conditions and to guarantee optimal security, you are recommended to have the water-resistance seals replaced once every two years. (For quartz watches, this is approximately the same length of time for battery replacement.) The Maintenance Service includes the replacement of all seals and also of the battery. If the watch is worn when playing sports or when it is in frequent contact with water, you are recommended to have the seals checked once every year.
If your Cartier water-resistant watch shows condensation under the glass, we advise you to promptly contact a Cartier boutique, an authorised dealer or a Cartier After-Sales Service Centre so as to proceed to a Complete Service. It is essential to resolve this situation rapidly in order to prevent the humidity from damaging all the components of your watch.

We are surrounded by magnetic fields, the strength of which varies depending on our environment. If they are strong enough, they may affect the movement of your watch by disturbing its ability to function. A magnetic field may cause a quartz watch to lose several seconds. However, as soon as it emerges from the magnetic field it will regain its normal functioning. Magnetism may disturb mechanical watches and affect their functioning by making the spring of the movement stick. You are therefore recommended to avoid magnetic fields on a permanent basis, or to neutralise them.

Magnetic fields are difficult to avoid because they are invisible. It is nevertheless important to know that they are mainly created by magnets, loudspeakers, cellphones, smartphones, magnetic closing systems for refrigerators or cupboards, and magnetic clasps for handbags. To determine whether your mechanical watch is magnetised, place it near a compass and observe whether the needles start to whirl around. If so, your watch is magnetised. In such cases we recommend that you take it to a Cartier boutique, where it will be placed in an inverted magnetic field so as to restore it to its normal working condition.

The movement of your watch needs to be maintained at regular intervals. Changes in the viscosity of the oil (resulting in the oil drying out after a certain time) may generate friction and thus affect the precision of the mechanism, causing it to run fast or slow or to stop completely.
If your watch is noticeably fast or slow, the movement may need to be serviced for this reason. We recommend you to have the movement of your watch checked once every five years by a Cartier-authorised After-Sales Service. If your watch has not been worn for several months, you will need to wear it for several days before it regains its accuracy.

Quartz watches work thanks to the energy supplied by a battery. Watches equipped with a mechanical movement work thanks to a spring which needs to be wound up so as to supply energy. Automatic (self-winding) mechanical watches also use the spring system, but the winding of the spring is carried out by the oscillating mass of the movement.

The movement of a mechanical watch is activated by a spring system which supplies the energy required for the watch to work.
- If your watch has manual winding, you need to turn the crown to wind up the spring.
- If your watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, its spring is wound up thanks to the movements of your wrist, which cause an oscillation that supplies the energy required for the winding system.
If you are not particularly active or do not often wear your watch, the mechanism of your watch may not be wound up enough for it to work properly. Whether it is mechanical or automatic, your watch may be slightly fast or slow, depending on how you wear it.
If your watch is regularly fast or slow, a Cartier master watchmaker will carry out small adjustments to restore it to good working order. The mechanism of your watch may need a Complete Service in order to restore its original accuracy.
The energy of a quartz watch is supplied by a battery. Quartz watches have no balance, and the timekeeping element consists of a crystal of quartz. Whatever the watch's position, its accuracy will always be identical.

For the vast majority of watches, polishing makes it possible to remove or reduce scratching on gold or steel surfaces. Given that this operation involves the removal of a fine layer of metal, we recommend you not to have this service carried out more than:
- Twice in the lifetime of a watch made of white gold,
- Three times in the lifetime of a watch made of yellow gold.
Check beforehand with our Cartier watchmakers that your model can be polished.

The care that we devote to the production of Cartier leather watch-straps and the tests that we carry out on them ensure that they are of the highest quality. In normal conditions of use a Cartier leather strap enjoys an average lifespan of between six and twelve months. This varies according to the conditions, the regularity and the environment of its use. For example, contact with water could cause premature wear and tear of the strap.

The care that we devote to the production of Cartier rubber watch-straps and the tests that we carry out on them ensure that they are of the highest quality. In normal conditions of use a Cartier rubber strap enjoys an average lifespan of 18 months. This varies according to the conditions, the regularity and the environment of its use. For example, a dense urban environment and intense exposure to sunlight may cause the premature ageing of the strap.

All Cartier watches are manufactured in the Cartier workshops located in Switzerland, either at La Chaux-de-Fonds, or in Geneva in the case of watches bearing the Geneva Seal.

It is not recommended to wear your watch during the night, since the friction and twisting of one's movements while sleeping lead to deterioration in the materials and cause faster wear and tear than during normal use.

Both salt and chlorine are corrosive elements which damage materials such as rubber when they are not rinsed in soft water after being used.

All watches bought at Cartier boutiques or from Cartier-authorised dealers are accompanied by the Cartier international warranty (or by the Cartier limited warranty in the case of the U.S., Canada and Australia), and are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for an unlimited time period. More than 24 months after the date of purchase, the labour involved in all repairs will be invoiced to you, together with the replacement of parts.
Please see the details of the Guarantee.

All our watches have a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defect (manufacturing defects generally appear during the two years following the introduction of a new model, and are only isolated cases). The "lifetime guarantee" provided by the Maison cannot be interpreted as a total guarantee for the product sold, its parts and manpower without limitation of duration.

Certain Cartier watches purchased in the 1970s were accompanied by a "Lifetime Guarantee" including particular conditions and strictly reserved to those specific watches. In this case, Cartier respects the commitment made to its customers and graciously undertakes the maintenance of the mechanism of the watch concerned. This guarantee does not cover the possible replacement of separate parts of the watch, which continue to be payable by the customer. In all cases concerned, the terms of the warranty do not apply to either metal bracelets or leather straps, since these are not mechanical parts. The warranty extends to the original owner and the proper warranty card must be presented when the watch is submitted for service.

After several years' use, deterioration may take place as the result of a lack of maintenance of a watch, rather than due to a manufacturing defect.

As in the case of any mechanical object, regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your watch functions correctly. The battery and the water-resistance seals need to be replaced every eighteen to twenty-four months, and our watchmakers recommend a Complete Service approximately once every five years. All this information is detailed in the Maintenance Guide provided with your watch at the time of purchase.

If your watch is water-resistant, you can wear it when swimming. It is advisable, however, to avoid deep-sea diving. Your watch is not designed to withstand pressure at considerable depths. Before any contact with water, ensure that the crown is well pushed in against the case of the watch, and do not activate the push-pieces underwater. After each swim, rinse your watch in fresh water.

Engraving is always possible, provided that there is a large enough surface available and no risk of damaging the creation concerned. This service is provided at our boutiques and also on this website, in the case of certain types of creation and model.
Our sales advisers are available at our Cartier boutiques or at any authorised dealer's. You may also contact our Client Services Department on 1800 13 0000.

Watch bracelets are adjustable at Cartier boutiques or when purchasing watches online from the Cartier e-Boutique. For further information, we invite you to contact the Cartier boutique or authorised dealer of your choice, or our Client Relations Centre. You will also find a guide to sizes on our website, under the heading "Sizing Guides".

A selection of our leather straps are available at our Cartier boutiques.

The leather straps of our watches are not covered by guarantee. They need replacing on a regular basis.

The component parts that have been replaced required a high-precision production process, and the repair of your watch required numerous hours of work by a skilled master watchmaker. We believe that these considerations explain the value of our service prices.

Since Cartier is actively involved in the fight against counterfeits, we do not return used parts. However, if you request this on the day of the repair, we may very exceptionally return certain parts to you. However, this will not be possible for the metal bracelet when benefitting from our bracelet exchange service.

The natural ageing process affecting your watch bracelet does not allow us to carry our a repair. In fact, when a non-movable link is damaged it cannot be replaced unless the entire bracelet is also replaced. We therefore advise you to take your old bracelet back to the boutique and exchange it for a new one. Consequently, you will be able to wear your watch with complete satisfaction, as can be rightly expected of Cartier.

Yes, unless the bracelet is suffering from generalised wear and tear. It would not be right for us to carry out (and invoice) this repair when we know from experience that the new buckle will not hold if the rest of the bracelet is already in worn condition.

The repair of your watch will be covered by an international guarantee with a duration of one year, as per the terms of the international intervention warranty. Only repairs carried out on watches from old collections do not benefit from this guarantee.

We would like to reassure you with regard to the service that has been performed. Any service carried out is covered by a one-year guarantee. The terms of the intervention warranty are included in your invoice.
However, despite all the care and attention with which your watch has been treated, and the numerous checks carried out on it, we cannot guarantee that your watch will function faultlessly. To prevent any possible malfunction, we recommend you to follow our maintenance tips and to have your watch serviced by Cartier at regular intervals.

A detailed examination of your watch undertaken by Cartier watchmakers has enabled them to determine that your watch was not manufactured by the Maison. It shows numerous aesthetic and technical differences in relation to our creations. Furthermore, it has no engraved individual number, as is the case for all our creations. This individual number enables us to ensure the traceability of jewellery from the moment of its production and on the occasion of all other operations undertaken upon it by our workshops.

As we are unable to authenticate the model, it is not possible for us to undertake a repair. This is also the case for any Cartier creation that has been modified by a third party.